Sunday, 2 November 2014

3 November 2014 Free Mcx Trading Tips || Monday Intra day Gold and silver call

Monday 3 November 2014 Mcx Gold and silver commodity trade is bearish trend International commodity markets has faded golden glow from the dollar strengthening.  Gold prices declined by 3 per cent being.

Monday Morning Gold open at 26000 its previous closing 26135 and currently Gold trade at 25957 with the loss of -177 point . Chart show only sell signal so intraday trader sell Gold for expert advice .

Gold level -: 
R1- 25290
S1 – 25901

Other hand Mcx Silver open at 35565 its previous closing 35797 and currently Silver trade at 35327 with the loss -470 point . Chart show only sell signal for accurate level.
Silver level -: 
R1- 35890
S1- 35220

Free Call - 

Sell Gold at 25900 target 25800/25700/25600 stop loss 26070
Sell Silver at 35210 target 35000/34800/34500 stop loss 35600

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    RES 1: 980.00
    RES 2: 1000.00
    SUPP 1: 935.00
    SUPP 2: 920.00
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