Tuesday, 18 November 2014

19 November 2014 Free MCX and NCDEX Market trend and Update


Gold yesterday's fast could not last. Comax gold has come under pressure again and is currently trading near $ 1290.In Morning Gold open at 26575 its previous closing prices 26596 and currently Gold trade at 26624 with the gain of 24 point Over all trend of Gold is down for long term trader .

Other hand Silver is also under pressure. About 8 per cent this year, demand for silver is estimated. It is believed that industrial demand for silver. Today Silver open at 35790 it previous closing 35804 and currently silver trade at 35880 with gain of 76 point . jewelery demand to remain low this year. Indeed, because of the decline in gold prices, gold jewelry is much more customer trends. Over all trend of silver is down trend for long term trader .

In Base Metal commodity market today trade at green zone like Aluminum , copper ,Nickel ,Lead , Zinc all is trade is green zone .


IN NCDEX market Dhaniya futures on NCDEX gains nearly 2.3% on lower supply in spot market . Dhaniya opened gap up and traded in a tight range in the early trading sessions . Other hand Soybean December futures gains more than one percent on increase in domestic demand. Prices opened above Rs. 3300 per quintal and touched a high of Rs. 3343 per quintal during the session. Soybean may trade in range between 3300 and 3400 in the remaining week.


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