Wednesday, 15 October 2014

What will be the market trend tomorrow || Gold and Silver का क्या करें

Tomorrow commodity market open at high position because over all market trend is bullish Gold ,silver ,base metal , crude oil , energy segment open at high level .
 Gold commodity trend is bullish and tomorrow gold open high position is previous closing . Gold over all trend is bullish for this week so trader buy gold only at sure level with the help of expert .

Silver also trade is bullish trend and silver break the level of 39500 in this week so I suggest intra day trader buy silver at accurate level and earn profit for this week .

 In Base metal sector copper start recovery and trade bullish trend and strong at 8.5 point ,Aluminium strong at 1.5 point , nickel strong at 0.30 point ,led strong at 0.10 point , Zinc strong at 2.15 point .

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