Monday, 29 September 2014

Today MCX GOLD and SILVER update on Tuesday || MCX Base Metal news

In domestic market due to fall in rupee is increasing purchase of Gold and Silver whereas the international market pressures in comax market gold trade at $1216 .
 Today 30 September 2014 Gold commodity trade in both side ,mcx Gold commodity open at 26901 with the loss of 12 point in previous closing 26913 . Now gold currently trade at 26929 with the gain of 16 point . Chart show the down trend of gold .

Some technical point of gold -: 
 resistance of Gold -: 26980
 support of Gold     -:  26830

 Today 30 September 2014 Silver commodity trade same as gold silver commodity also trade in both side . In Naymax market silver trade $17.5 and mcx market silver open at 39337 with loss of 17 point in previous silver closing prices 39354 and currently silver trade 39251 with the loss of 101 point and chart show the down trend of silver .

Some important technical view of silver-:
 Resistance of Silver -: 39510
 Support of Silver     -: 39180 

Release the pressure in base metals. Nickel has increased especially in the fall because the rupee is looking weak .
And other hand light speed show in the aluminium and copper , led are trading with losses and zinc is trading flat.
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