Sunday, 21 September 2014

Today Mcx commodities live price and trend || Gold and Silver prices || copper update || Free Gold calls

Today Mcx Gold commodity and Mcx Silver Commodity are going down side with optimistic prices and trade at down side in chart . Mcx Gold trade down side with the loss of -114 points and currently gold prices is 26375 .Gold open at 26464 and last previous closed price at 26496.

 Mcx silver also trade is down side with optimestic prices . Mcx silver trade 38993 with the loss of -633 point . Silver open at 39348 and last previous closing prices 39626.

 copper trade is down side with lower prices and currently copper trade 413.50 with the loss of -7.4 copper at today 419 and previous closing is 420 .
 All base metal sectore like, aluminium ,crude , nickel , led , Zinc trade is down trend .

Sell Gold at 26400 target 26300/26100/26000 stop loss 26600

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