Sunday, 28 September 2014

Today mcx Bullion update on Monday || Base Metal News || Crude update

Today 29 September 2014 mcx commodity market trade at up and down side , Some commodity trade in up side and some commodity trade in down side with red zone .

Today mcx Gold open at 26855 and previous closing 26793 and currently Gold trade 26835 with the gain of 33 point . Last week gold trend is down and this week also gold is down because Strength of the dollar is being witnessed pressure on gold. On COMAX gold price is currently running around $ 1217.

Other hand silver open at 39100 previous closing of silver 39169 and currently silver trade 39155 with the loss of -14 point . Today silver trend is down trend .

All Base Metal sector is red zone like copper , Aluminium , zinc , nickel , led is red zone . Copper currently trade 416 with the loss of -1.10 point ,aluminium trade 117.75 with the loss of 0.20 point , nickel trade 1031 with the loss of -3 point .
 Nymax crude oil declined by 0.61 percent and mcx market crude open at 5764 and currently trade 5745 with the loss of -30 point .

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 Sell copper at 417 target 412 stop loss 420
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