Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Today Gold Silver trading Update || commodity Base Metal News

Today Gold Silver looked in pressure before new home sales data come from us . On comax gold tread $1223 and nymax Silver traded $17.694 in mcx market Gold Trade 26657 and silver trade 39295 .
 Base metal look down trade copper fail below 414 and mcx nickel as down 1046 , Led down 125.60 Aluminium also down 117.65
 Crude oil trade 5608 down side with the loss of -31 point

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  1. Epic Research's view about silver says that Silver trading range for the day is 38721-40289.

  2. The market has opened flat on August F&O expiry day. The Sensex is up 53.48 points at 26798.17 and the Nifty is up 10.80 points at 8013.20.
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