Saturday, 13 September 2014

Gold silver trend and tips for tomorrow on monday|| copper ans nickel recover at low level

MCX Gold Silver fail more than 3% last week, gold rate continue falling cause of Asian market and US Fed meeting at 16-17 September, yeasterday mcx Gold close at 26898 with loss of 80 point, as well as Silver slip down 41309 with green sign. As Comax gold was fail below $1230 and comax silver $18.62, over all dolar index high last 12 month that effect on bullion metal, one of another reason to sustain gold silver ,Reform US economy that's investor continue keep away from gold and silver these fear seen before on FOMC meeting , Monday Gold and Silver trend is down trend.

MCX BSE METAL TREND: last day of weekend copper taken recovery and close above 424.05 as well as nickel 1123.70, zinc 139.15, lead 129.60 mcx market base metal taken recovery this weekend, mcx copper close at 424.05, mcx nickel was 1123.70, and aluminium
at 123 in current contact ,


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